The 500 Club

No government money or tax dollars are used in the operation of the center. New Life Pet Adoption Center operates on donations from individuals and business and program fees generated through the operation of the center. The annual operating budget for the center is approximately $250,000 with 40% coming from program fees and 60% coming from donations.

Various fundraising events are held each year to support the operation of the center, however, income from these events can vary from year to year. In an effort to establish a consistent long term stream of operating income the 500 Club was developed.

The 500 Club was developed to provide individuals and businesses an opportunity to support New Life Pet with a $500 per year donation while minimizing the financial impact on family and business budgets.

Through special arrangements with our financial institution to provide ACH services at no charge, New Life Pet can debit your checking or savings account monthly for $41.67. For only $1.39 a day, you can support the mission of New Life Pet to find a home for all adoptable animals.

In addition to knowing that your donation will provide ongoing support for New Life Pet, you will receive a special pin indicating you are a member of The 500 club roster in the center and you will receive free tickets to selected New Life Pet events.

It's easy and convenient to sign up as a member of The 500 Club. Just complete the simple ACH Authorization Form and return it to New Life Pet. Authorization forms are also available on our website at, at our facility or at many locations around the community.

ACH Authorization Agreement

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