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We welcome all volunteers including service learning students, community service and youth volunteers.

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There are many different ways you can contribute to the NLPAC capital campaign.

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Your contributions make a positive impact on the thousands of pets who rely on the New Life Pet Adoption Center shelter each year.

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Thank you to all who supported and came out to our annual raffle!

No-Kill Animal Shelter

As a no-kill center, New Life Pet Adoption Center will provide a place where the public can surrender their family pets without the fear that they will be euthanized just for the sake of making space available. Specializing in adoptions affords an ability to narrow its focus and spend all its efforts on placing animals in a proper environment.

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Thank you to all who came out to support our 20th Annual Raffle!

CASH RAFFLE WINNERS: Joy, Jameson & Jonah, Susie, Lawrence, Sally

PRIZE RAFFLE WINNERS: Beth, Kyle, Elaine, Heather, Alexa


50/50: Joe

YETI: Randy

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Adoption Fees:   Beginning 1/1/2024

Dogs $195                     $395

Cats $95                         $145

Rabbits $80                    $150

Guinea Pigs $30           $50

Mice/Rats $10               $20