Meet Flash


  • Animal Type: Cat
  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair - black and white
  • Size: Small
  • Age: Adult


Flash is a male black and white DSH who is 3 1/2 years old. He has a nice personality and is very playful. However, he may get aggressive when overstimulated. He also requires a special diet for his sensitive stomach.

Update 9/23/21:  Flash is our longest cat resident.  He is quite the character and will instantly charm you with his personality.  We have him on a diet so he will not only try to eat any other pet food, treats or anything you have on the counter.  We have his tummy issues under control with his diet plan, even if he doesn't agree with it.  He is a confident kitty and gets along well with our resident rabbit and cats as long as he isn't eating their food.  Also he will let you know when he doesn't agree with your humanly ways of doing things.


The Leader of the Band - "I'm a cat who does everything in a big way. I not only like to be in the middle of things - I like to lead the parade. I'm an adventurous cat, but I'll still make plenty of time to show you my affectionate side. I'm the demonstrative type, you might say. Want a cat who's brimming with confidence? That's me."

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