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6/10/2011 - LOST CAT, Sly, Male neutered black with gold eyes.  Lost in Marathon City, no collar.  Please contact Tina at 715-443-6272.

3/12/2014 LOST DOG, Josie, Female Husky, 7 wks.  Lost in Wausau wearing camel collar, orange leash.  Contact Ashley at 715-470-2806 or Jerod at 715-581-2806

3/5/2014 - FOUND DOG, Female Blue heeler mix found in Abbottsford area.  Faded camel colored collar, no tags.  Contact Maggie at 715-223-6946.

11/27/2013 - LOST CAT, Mittens, Seal point Siamese mix, neutered male, no collar.  Lost on Scott Street in Wausau.  Contact William at 715-573-5887.

10/30/2013 - LOST DOG, small brown dog with a blue collar.  Hamburg.  Contact Angela at 715-680-1288.

10/23/2013 - LOST CAT, Lost in Athens, WI Grey Sphynx named Jynx. Fe/S, no color or tags but is microchipped. Contact Deanna at 715-650-2232.

10/1/2013 - LOST CAT, Little Girl, black and white cat, no tags.  Lost in Abbotsford, please contact Tina at 715-223-4188

7/10/2013 - LOST DOG, Lilly went missing after a car accident on July 10 at the intersection of Michigan and Jefferson in Stevens Point.  She got spooked and ran.  Black and white Shih Tzu/Bichon 2 years old.  If found contact Carrie at 715-340-9409.

9/22/2013 - LOST CAT, Thimbleton, Male neutered, front declawed, has white patch on his chest, usually meows a lot, and loves to snuggle.  If found, please call 715 443-6699 and we will contact his owner.

7/12/2013 - FOUND DOGS, Female Black Lab and Male Yellow Lab, no tags.  Found in the Town of Wien.  Contact 715-829-9698.

7/10/2013 - LOST CAT, Bandit, Male Abigail black and white tiger cat, mark on chin, declawed @ 12 lbs.  Lost on Eva Rd in Kronenwetter.  Contact Josh at 815-718-3272.

7/8/2013 - LOST CAT, Male Black Cat 13-14 lbs. white hour glass shape on stomach and a pink chin.  Contact Patty at 715-370-7103

6/22/2013 LOST DOG, Tucker Male Yellow Lab wearing blue collar.  Lost on Cty Rd. E in Tomahawk. Owner feels he may have been taken from his yard.  Contact Mike at 715-966-5063

5/13/2013 - LOST CAT, Tommy Brandt, DLH, 1 yr. old.  Black and white Male, 13 lbs.  Last seen on Everest Drive in Rothschild.  If found please contact or NLPAC at 715-443-6699.

5/14/2013 - FOUND DOGS, 1 male Black with tan legs, 1 female Tan with white toes wearing pink collar.  Possibly shepherd/lab/boxer type young dogs.  Found on Pioneer Rd. in Athens.  Contact Jamie @ 715-297-5363.

5/1/2013 - LOST DOG, Lost in Forestville, Door county, WI. Rough coated tri colored collie. Name- Maggie. Spayed female. Did have on collar with tags. Contact  Judy at 920-493-1060

3/19/2013 - FOUND CAT,  grey/white, about 1 year old, male neutered. Found on Northwestern in Wausau. No color or tags, etc. Contact Wausau Animal Hospital 715-845-9636

3/19/2013 - LOST DOG, Black lab named Sierra. Lost on NE side of Wausau by Riverview school. 7 years old, female, chain color only. Contact Jason 715-301-3139

3/13/2013 - FOUND PUPPY:  Male Black/brown, possibly Collie or Shepherd mix.  Found in Abbotsford.  Contact Scott at 715-223-3531

2/25/2013 - LOST DOG:  Buddy, M/N Springer Spaniel, 8 months old.  Wearing blue collar and tag, lost near the Montestary in Marathon.  Contact Chris at 715-443-3896

2/11/2013 - LOST DOG: Lily, Female American Bull Dog/Black Lab, white chest and paws, freckles on nose.  Wearing tag that says Lily.  Contact Tammy at 920-960-3269

12/15/2012 - LOST DOG: Tigger, Black Lab/Collie, Spayed Female 80 lbs., 12 yrs old. Black with some gray, wearing a blaze orange collar. Does not like people wearing hats, timid. Lost on Hwy K, Granton, Clark County. If seen please contact Amber 715-937-3263.

12/15/2012 - FOUND DOG, Male Boxer-type dog, Red/Blue collar with stars, no tags, no microchip.  Well groomed and well mannered, Found 5 miles eas of Rozelville on Hwy C.  Contact Art at 715-387-6098.

12/13/2012 - LOST DOG, Rocky, Black German Shepherd, 1 yr old, wearing blue collar, Lost in Wausau on 6th Ave. and Bridge St.  Contact Rachel at 715-203-2042.

12/11/2012 - LOST DOG, Keiko, Female Beagle/Blue Tick, 3 yrs old, 60 lbs. Lost in Ringle, Clubhouse Rd and River Rd. Contact Amy at 715-212-9839.

12/5/2012 - LOST DOG, Cooper, Male Weimareiner, Brown/Black Collar.  Lost on Cty Hwy R and Chickadee.  Contact Jessica at 715-574-2588

12/10/2012 - LOST DOG, Female Bichon/Shih Tzu, Layla, 10 yrs. old, no tags, white with black mask.  Lost at Bridge St and 9th St. Contact Eric at 715-574-9844

12/4/2012 - LOST DOG, Male Black Lab, Contact Matt at 715-846-5006.

11/15/2012 - FOUND CAT, Found in the Rothschild area after it was hit by a car Young Male Neutered, Brown/black and white. No tags. Brought to Metro Animal Hospital at 715-241-7387.

10/31/2012 - LOST CAT, Calvin, Yellow/orange Tabby FelV positive, split top of ear and white patch on one leg. Lost in Weston, near East Jelinek Ave/Camp Phillips Rd.  No tags. Contact Mary at 715-355-9543

10/25/2012 - LOST DOG, Ally, Female Gordon Setter, black with brown markings wearing a red collar.  Lost in Marathon, contact Patti at 715-446-1465.

10/15/2012 - LOST DOG, Tanner, Male Yellow Lab, 2 yrs. old. Lost in Mosinee, Eau Plaine Park.  Contact Laurie at 715-574-6736

10/10/2012 - LOST DOG, Beast, Male Blue Merle, He will come when called.  Lost in Athens, Contact Tara at 715-574-8202,

10/6/2012 - LOST DOG, Sophie, Brindle Boston/Pug Mix, Lost in Merril.  Contact Casey at 920-840-3044

10/2012 - LOST PET, Miley, female wearing a pink collar. Brown, Tan, Black mouth and ears, very skittish.  Lost in Athens, Contact Tara at 715-574-8202

10/7/2012 - FOUND DOG, White dog, 30-40 lbs. wearing a  PetSmart bandana, no tags or collars.  Found on NE side of Wausau, Randolph Ave. Contact Mary @ 715-675-9239.

9/14/2012 - LOST CAT Tan Tabby, Meeko, 9 yrs., not declawed.  Lost in Wausau, no collars or tags.  Contact Tara at 920-680-6898

9/10/2012 - LOST CAT Jessie Tortioseshell/Calico, lost in Edgar area. Contact Lisa at 715-352-2979

9/4/2012 - LOST DOG black Female Chow from rural Merrill/Marathon/Medford area. Wearing collar and possibly still dragging chain. If you see her please call Bobbi Jo 715-216-1427

9/2/2012 - LOST DOG:  Moose, neutered male Chocolate Lab under 2 yrs. Radio collar and leash, lost  in Edgar on Cardinal Rd./Ave.  Contact Brian @ 715-409-9155

8/27/2012 - LOST DOG: Male tan Chihauhau, wearing a royal blue collar.  Dog was tied up outdoors at 912 Plisch St., Athens.  Contact Michael @ 715-574-4074.















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