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Questions About Us and Our Facililty

Select a question to review the answer.
Question 1)Do you plan on using volunteers in the daily operation of the facility?
Question 2)How was the name New Life Pet Adoption Center chosen?
Question 3)What are your goals?
Question 4)What is meant by a No-Kill facilities?
Question 5)What is your Spay/Neuter Policy?
Question 6)What kind of support do you expect from the veterinary community and how do you plan to obtain it?
Question 7)What services do you plan to offer?
Question 8)Where are you located?
Question 9)Where did the idea of the New Life Pet Adoption Center come from?
Question 10)Why will the project be a success?
Question 11)Will you turn away pets if the facility is full?
Question 12)How are you going to operate? What staff will you have?
Question 13)When will you be opening?
Question 14)What will your hours be?
Question 15)What will the adoption fees be? What is the process of adoption and how long will it take?

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