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Why your shelter or rescue group should join New Life Pet Adoption Center NLPAC.
The center was formed as a No-Kill center in 2000 for the purpose of placing more adoptable companion animals into loving and caring homes; educating the public an municipal governments about the over population problem with emphasis on the importance of spay and neutering and to provide a place of safety and the humane treatment of companion animals while waiting adoption.  We would like your shelter and rescue group to join NLPAC. Joining is FREE.

How does it work?
Using NLPAC is quick and easy. Your NLPAC account is yours to maintain and when you sign up you will get a HOME PAGE and a Pet Page. When you update your home page and pet list, the changes take effect immediately. Your home page can be edited through our simple online editor. Our support staff can help you with any difficulties. A specialized web address is available for your HOME PAGE.  Please inquire for more information.


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