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About New Life Pet Adoption Center

New Life Pet Adoption Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The center was formed as a No-Kill center in 2000 for the purpose of placing more adoptable companion animals into loving and caring homes; educating the public and municipal governments about the over population problem with emphasis on the importance of spaying and neutering and to provide a place of safety and the humane treatment of companion animals while awaiting adoption.

New Life Pet Adoption Center is located on four acres of land at 125 Cattail Avenue in the Village of Marathon adjacent to State Highway 29 and 152nd Avenue. The first phase of the facility, constructed in 2007 consists of 5,000 sq. ft. The facility houses a reception/retail area, 2 offices, surrender room, viewing room, two isolation wards, treatment room, kitten holding room and food preparation area. The second phase will consist of expanded dog and cat areas as well as a surgical and recovery facility. The second phase will add an additional 6,000 sq. ft. to the facility and will be constructed as the need dictates and resources become available.

As a No-Kill center New Life Pet Adoption Center will provide a place where the public can surrender their family pets without the fear that they will be euthanized just for the sake of making space available. Specializing in adoptions affords an ability to narrow its focus and spend all its efforts on placing animals in a proper environment.

New Life Pet Adoption Center is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of community leaders, business professionals, veterinarians and interested individuals.


                                                   Adoption Fees

Cat  $95

Dog $195

The fee includes the following: Spay or Neuter prior to adoption, License, Microchip, FeLV/FIV test in cats, Heartworm test in dogs, Fecal test, Veterinary exam and Behavior evaluation.

We offer the option to "round-up" by a $5 donation to help support our efforts to bring in rescues.

Adoption discounts available for seniors and special-needs animals.

Rabbits  $80

Guinea Pigs  $30

Gerbil, Hamster, Mouse, Rat  $10, with cage $35

Below is a breakdown of the services that we include in our adoption fee, approximately what other adoption centers charge and the approximate value of the service.

Service (DOG)                       New Life                 Other Adoption Center             Approx. Value

Exam                                     Yes                          Yes                                        $20-$40

Rabies Vaccination                  Yes                         Yes                                         $20-$30

Distemper Vaccination            Yes                         Yes                                          $20-$30

Bordetella Vaccination           Yes                         Yes                                          $20-$30

Fecal Test                             Yes                          NO                                          $15-$20

De-worming                           If needed                Yes                                          $5-$15

Heartworm Blood Test           Yes                          NO                                          $20-$30

Heartworm Prevention           Yes                          NO                                           $2-$10

Flea/Tick Prevention             Yes                          NO                                           $10-$15

Spay/Neuter                         Yes                          Yes                                          $90-$150

Microchip                              Yes                          Yes                                          $40-$50

Personality Profile                 Yes                          NO                                          Priceless

TOTAL VALUE                      $262-$420              $215-$345                              $262-$420

ADOPTION PRICE                $195                        Male $140

                                                                           Female $180  


Service (CAT)                      New Life                  Other Adoption Centers            Approx. Value 

Exam                                   Yes                           Yes                                           $20-$40

Rabies Vaccination               Yes                           Yes                                           $20-$30

Distemper Vaccination          Yes                           Yes                                           $20-$30

Fecal Test                           Yes                           NO                                            $15-20

De-worming                         If needed                 Yes                                            $5-$15

FeLV/FIV Blood Test          Yes                            NO                                            $40-$50

Spay/Neuter                       Yes                           Yes                                            $90-$150

Microchip                            Yes                           Yes                                            $40-$50

Personality Profile              Yes                            NO                                             Priceless

TOTAL VALUE                   $250-$385                $195-$315                                 $250-$385

ADOPTION PRICE              $145                         Male $60                                     Female $100

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